The Most Honest Bread Fermented

Only With Organic Flour, Filter Water, Sea Salt, And Wild Yeast In The Air.

The process of making a sourdough

At Joies Sourdough, we make our own starter.

After the starter, now we make the “leaven” – this “leaven” is ultimately what gets mixed into the dough.

Every morning we make this with some active starter and a specific amount of flour and water. In the afternoon, it should be bubbly and smell slightly sour. The autolyse process then take place by mixing the leaven with the remaining flour and water, let it sit for at least 30 minutes. Then, mix in the sea salt and natural ingredients.

After this, hand folding and stretching until the dough go from shaggy and clumpy to smooth and stretchy. We then shape the dough into natural rattan proofing basket. The shaped loaves were then put into the fridge overnight. Ready for baking in the next day morning.

The benefits of sourdough

  • High in Antioxidant
  • Easy to digest
  • Low Gluten ( Gluten Intolerant friendly)
  • Low GI, Glycemix Index (Diabetic Friendly)
  • No Chemical and Preservative
  • Yeast Infection Friendly

How to keep your sourdough?

  • Air Tight – Eat within 2 days. (Room Temperature)
  • Air Tight – Eat within 14 days. (Freezer)

Recommended Warming Methods:

  • 1. Steam
  • 2. Toast

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